Wednesday, June 29, 2011

EBSCOhost Databases: Browser Compatibility Issues

EBSCOhost databases seem to be having some issues with the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox. If you attempt to search an EBSCOhost database with one of these browsers you may encounter errors that will prevent you from browsing search results, viewing related images, or linking out to full-text holdings.

EBSCOhost has been made aware of the problem and they are actively working to correct it. In the meantime, Kimbel Library recommends using either Internet Explorer or Opera for browsing and conducting research in EBSCOhost databases.

For a full list of affected EBSCOhost databases, click here.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

NEW! E-Books from Duke University Press

Kimbel Library is the new owner of the 2011 Duke UP ebook collection. This collection of 100+ books in the humanities and social sciences is available now as ebooks, and will eventually be available in print.
 Purchase of the current year collection gives us access to back list ebooks from Duke, so we now have an additional 1242 books in the catalog. This purchase balances our existing ebook offerings, which is strong in science, technology and medicine. Some of the subjects covered in the Duke collection are:
  • American History (pre-revolution)
  • South American history
  • American Literature
  • Film 
  • Marriage, Family and Women’s Studies
  • Labor issues and the working class
  • History of East Asia

Duke UP ebooks reside on the ebrary platform, and include all of ebrary’s great features, like highlighting, note-taking, text-to-speech capability, multiple simultaneous users, and copy/ paste with automatic citation.