Monday, October 17, 2011

New Database

New Database!  EBSCO’s Art and Architecture Complete
Art major or no, you’ve probably heard of Vincent Van Gogh, the prolific, eccentric painter of such masterpieces as Sun Flowers and Starry Night.  Two researchers and authors from Aiken, SC, Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith, have just turned prevailing knowledge about Van Gogh’s life and death on its ear with the publication of Van Gogh: the Life.  The two have already earned a Pulitzer Prize for their biography Jackson Pollock: an American Saga.   In their current book, they assert that Van Gogh was a solitary soul and a voracious reader, that he suffered from temporal lobe epilepsy and that he may well have been murdered.
If you’re interested in learning more about Van Gogh or Pollock or, for that matter, about Naifeh and Smith, turn to our newest art database, Art and Architecture Complete, to begin your research.  AAC indexes 780 journals, of which 380 are full text and 64% are peer-reviewed.  It also includes some monographs and a picture image gallery, but lacks podcasts and dissertation indexing.  Research on the aforementioned Van Gogh and Pollock may be pursued in 28 art history journals, 25 of which are peer reviewed and full-text up to and including the current issue.
Not an art major? Take note history, theatre and environmental studies students: AAC covers archaeology, costume design, photography, landscape design, sustainable architecture and landscaping, too!

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