Monday, June 25, 2012

Part 3 of the Digital Archive
 "Slavery and Anti-Slavery" now available

In 2010, the library purchased the digital archive Slavery and Anti-Slavery: A Transnational Archive. Dr. Charles Joyner is an editor of the  four-part series, with each part scheduled for annual release. Part 2 was released last summer.

We now have access to Part 3: The Institution of Slavery

Part 3 looks at the inner workings of slavery from 1492-1888 and includes legal documents, plantation records, personal accounts, newspapers, and government documents, and shows how enslaved people rebelled against the institution of slavery. This collection of primary source materials allows users to research slavery in terms of a labor and legal system, the relationship between master and slave, slavery and religion, free labor, and the lives of free African Americans.

Topics of interest include include the Zong (or Shong) Massacre, the Dred Scott case, records of John Brown’s raid at Harper’s Ferry and the Dememara rebellion.

Collections include:

Records of East Florida
Benjamin Tappan Papers
Blair Family Papers, 1755-1968
J.F.H. Claiborne Papers, 1818-1885
James Henry Hammond Papers
John J. Crittenden Papers, 1783-1913
Official Transcripts of Reports on the State of the British Colonies in North America and the West Indies: 1721-1766
The National Anti-Slavery Standard
Journals of the Assembly of Jamaica

Documents are included in the library’s catalog; Part 1 and part 2 comprise over 10,000 documents.

Users can download entire documents (up to 250 pages) in PDF format to a PC or mobile device and can generate citations for selected text. 

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