Monday, October 22, 2012

Gerritsen Collection for Women's History Online

New in Kimbel Library 
The Gerritsen Collection of Aletta H. Jacobs: Women’s History Online 1543-1945 

Need primary source documents on women’s history? 

Want to explore the development of the feminist movement from its roots in the 16th century?

Curious about women’s suffrage beyond Seneca Falls, New York?

Kimbel Library now offers a valuable electronic collection of primary source documents on women’s history,

In the late 1800's, Dutch physician Aletta Jacobs and her husband C.V. Gerritsen began collecting books, pamphlets and periodicals on the evolution of  feminism and the women’s rights movement. The Gerritsen Collection has since become a comprehensive source of women's history documents - the collection spans more than four centuries and 15 languages and includes over two million pages in full image.

Users can trace the evolution of feminism within a single country, as well as the impact of that country's feminist movement on other countries and their movements. Content includes the full run of 250+ periodicals and over 4000 books.

In addition to history and women’s studies, the Gerritsen Collection covers topics relevant to women and gender studies, education, health and nursing, political science and social reform.

And don't forget these new  library resources for more on Women's Studies:

Women’s Studies International – Full text journal articles on feminist research from 1972 – current, and

Accessible Archives – An historic newspaper collection which now includes The Lily, the first U.S. newspaper for women.

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