Monday, January 28, 2013

Have You Googled Yourself Today?

Did you know January 28th is Data Privacy Day? If you didn't know, Data Privacy Day is about empowering people to have more control over what information is available about them on the web.

Take a minute and Google yourself. If you have a fairly common name, add another search term like "Coastal Carolina," your high school, or hometown. What did you find? Now add another term like "Facebook" or "Twitter." If you are finding there is more information out there than you would want any random person on the internet to find, it might be time to consider data privacy.

We encourage you to take some time today to review your privacy settings on your various social networks. Here are some links to some common privacy settings pages:
With Google, you can also set up Google Alerts to receive an e-mail when new pages appear with your name.

For more information on privacy, check out the Privacy Revolution website.

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