Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kimbel Library Throwback: Do You Remember?

If you've visted Bryan Information Commons lately, you may have noticed our new display, "Do You Remember?" featuring such "antiques" as a pencil sharpener, cassette player, and a land-line telephone. 

All jesting aside, we have been cleaning out our closets and have run across some interesting items. That white box with a rolly wheel in the middle was actually an envelope moistener/sealer. The box behind that contains a Dymo Embossing Wheel -- an old-school label maker.

Apart from these curiosities we've also found several Kimbel Library newsletters and handbooks from the 70's, 80's, and 90's. This Kimbel Library handbook from yesteryear includes rules outlawing food and drink, discouraging conversation, and which sections of the library a person could smoke in.  
Good news since the 70's: smoking is no longer allowed in the library, food and drink are (mostly) allowed (just not near the fancy technology), and talking amongst yourselves is completely acceptable on the first floor of Kimbel Library and the first and second floors of Bryan Information Commons.
If you get the chance, check out this (and other) displays near the entrance of Bryan Information Commons.


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