Monday, April 1, 2013

CeTEAL Presents Innovative Instruction Days

Innovative Instruction Days, April 1 - 12

In April, CeTEAL will be hosting Innovative Instruction Days. Two weeks will be devoted to demonstrating different instructional strategies, models and delivery systems. Our sessions will model best practices in teaching and offer suggestions of evidence-based strategies that can be integrated into your classroom. Check back as we are adding more sessions! Some of the topics will include:

·         Enhancing Student Engagement Through Team-Based Learning
·         Back to School: Learning Through the Experience
·         Using Just in Time Teaching to Increase Student Preparedness
·         Want to Try Flipped Classroom? Flip a Lesson First
·         3 in 30: Using Cell Phones and Mobile Devices for Classroom Polling
·         3 in 30: Mindmapping
·         3 in 30: Screen Capture Tools for Providing Feedback & Tutorials
·         Personalizing Your Presentations: Using Narrated PowerPoint
·         Providing Digital Feedback to Students
·         Using Just in Time Teaching to Increase Student Preparedness
·         Introduction to LaTeX

To register for any of these classes, please sign up online

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