Thursday, October 17, 2013

Homeland Security Digital Library

Brought to you by the United States government and Kimbel Library, the CCU community now has access to the full version of the Homeland Security Digital Library, a free resource available to federal depository libraries only.

The Homeland Security Digital Library includes policy and strategy documents, key legislation, executive orders, theses and dissertations and critical release documents in homeland security. Critical release documents are generated twice a month and target documents of particular interest or potential importance.

To make searching easy (and fun!), the featured topics section groups documents by issues that are particularly relevant, such as: 

Sea piracy
School violence
Border security
Social media use in emergencies
Maritime domain
Climate change
Domestic terrorism (several collections)

The topical documents on hurricanes, for example, include reports on famous hurricanes, how risk perceptions influence evacuations and preparation, disaster recovery from Sandy, a storm mapping tutorial using GIS and lessons learned from Katrina.

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