Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Study Tips

Start strong! 
Get together everything you need to study: notes, syllabus, class readings, quizzes, tests, and homework.

•  Remove distractions. Turn off your phone or set it to silent during study sessions, and only use it during planned breaks; treat your email and texting the same way.  

•  Ask yourself questions about the material while you are reviewing. This helps you remember more than just rereading. Suggested questions to consider: How does this information fit in with other class material? What are the main points of what I just read? Why did this event happen? What would happen if one event or fact was different?

•  Take short, frequent breaks: Study for 25 mins, then take a 5 min break (see more about this method). After 4 sets, take a 15-20 minute longer break before diving back in. Need something to break up your study time? Try making a stress ball or participate in another De-stress Fest activity in Kimbel Library. 

•  When working in groups, don’t get distracted or off-topic. Everyone’s time is important.

Take care of yourself

•  Get some sleep! Cramming may help you review more material, but it doesn’t make up for sleepiness during the time you should be most alert—during your exams!

•  Eat regularly-- now is not the time to forget meals. A mix of protein, carbs, and good fat will keep you fueled and keep your mind off your stomach while you work.

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