Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Anatomy and Physiology Online

PASCAL (Partnership Among South Carolina Academic Libraries), a library consortium that supports all academic libraries in South Carolina, now provides two more valuable resources:

1. Anatomy and Physiology Online covers the knowledge base of a two-semester anatomy and physiology course in 20 modules:

* Chemistry
* Cell Biology
* Histology
* Integumentary System
* Skeletal System
* Muscular System
* Nervous System
* Special Senses
* Endocrine System
* Blood
* Cardiovascular System
* Lymphatic System and Immunity
* Respiratory System
* Digestive System
* Metabolism
* Urinary System
* Fluid, Electrolyte & Acid-Base
* Balance
* Reproductive System
* Development and Inheritance
Each module includes 3D images or interactive models, narrated animations, illustrations and dissection slides. Flash images provide animated anatomical identification, and many images can be "layered up" so users can see muscle attachments under muscles of a limb, for example, or layers of the kidney. Modules also include clinical case studies, effects of aging on each system, and course materials.

2. Secondly, PASCAL now provides three e-book collections on the ebrary platform, giving CCU patrons access to over 100,000 e-books. Kimbel Library has provided CCU users with the Academic Complete e-book collection since 2009; two new ebrary collections give us an additional 24,000 e-books.

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