Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Watch a Journal, Read a Film: New Resources in Kimbel Library

JoVE: The Journal of Visualized Experiments is a peer-reviewed video journal that enhances the repeatability of laboratory procedures by allowing users to watch the process via streaming video. Subjects covered include chemistry, applied physics, neuroscience, behavior, clinical medicine, bioengineering and immunology/infection. All videos include full text accompanying articles, so users can read about the process, download a PDF of the article or materials list and search the text of an article for keywords. 

Sports Medicine and Exercise in Video is a streaming video collection of over 350 films covering EXSS, nursing, health promotion and physical education topics, including:
- fitness assessment 
- strength and resistance training
- the musculoskeletal system
- injury treatment
- nutrition
- medical fitness and exercise adherence

Videos can be embedded in Blackboard/Moodle and sent to mobile devices via the cell phone icon on each screen. Thumbnails allow users to scan content, and allow users to create"clips" to highlight segments of films. Importantly, each video includes a full transcript side-by-side with the film so viewers can read the film and download transcript sections.

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