Thursday, November 6, 2008

National Gaming Day - ratings, online gaming, and reserving a playing time

We have some answers to questions related to the video games for you! (But don't forget, we will have board games, too!)
Q: Even though we are only allowing video games with a rating of "T"een or lower, is it alright to bring in a Mature game if we can change the settings to show less graphic images?
A: No, even if we can change some of the settings, these games are being played in a public place, and we need to be considerate of ALL of our library's patrons.
Q: Can we connect to the internet or to other gaming consoles to play with other students.
A: No, unfortunately, since we are using rented equipment and have limitations on our classroom connections, we will be limiting this to local multiplayer games.
Q: What if somebody is already using the video game equipment that I wanted to use?
A: We are not yet sure when most players will be visiting the library, and so we will create a sign-up grid. The player(s) who first sign up will have an hour to play the game. If nobody has signed up after their hour is up, they can continue to play until somebody else wishes to take a turn. (At that point, the current players have until the end of the next 30 minutes to finish the game. You may call ahead of time on that day to sign up for a slot. Please call me (Lisa) at 843-349-6552. If I don't answer, I might be in the gaming room. Try calling the Circulation desk at 843-349-2400, and they will find somebody to help you! (Please, be here on time, though, or you might forfeit your slot!)

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