Friday, December 12, 2008

Browsing for Fiction Books in Kimbel Library

If you are looking for something fun to read over winter break, you may have already noticed that Kimbel Library does not have a "fiction section" like a public library or bookstore. Most university libraries shelve books by Library of Congress call numbers, which don't separate fiction and non-fiction. Instead, you will find fiction books in the literature section with books about novelists, poets, and other writers. Here's some ideas to start browsing:

PS3600 through PS3626 is American Literature from 2001-present
PS3550 through PS3576 is American Literature from 1961-2000
PR6100 through PR6126 is British Literature 2001-present
PR6050 through PR6076 is British Literature 1961-2000

Please feel free to ask for help at the information desk if you would like help finding specific books or authors.

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