Thursday, February 19, 2009

Web of Science: NOT just for science

Don’t be mislead by the name – Web of “Science” covers the social sciences AND arts and humanities. In fact, it covers 1,160 of the world's leading arts and humanities journals - twice the number of humanities journals in Project Muse and JSTOR combined.

WOS is a powerful tool to track humanities (or any) research, and now has the extremely cool Citation Map. The Map gives a great visual image of “before and after” citations for any article, like this article on funeral rites in Hamlet:

It’s easy to see the gazillions (actually, 108) articles the author cited in this article, and the 7 articles that cited this article. You can hover over each colored block to get citation info for each article.

Need to see who is researching or referencing a particular work of art, piece of music, author or literary work? WOS lets you dig a little deeper than a general keyword search by using the “Cited Reference Search” tab. This will give you articles that include, say, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons or Grant Woods’ American Gothic in their references. BTW, J.K Rowling is cited a lot, even in articles that have nothing to do with Harry Potter.

Search WOS Arts and Humanities Citation index at:

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