Monday, March 9, 2009

Resources to help with end-of-semester projects. Free ebook trial!

It is that time of the semester when we are all feeling the demands of papers and research coming due! We have access to a great resource that could help you out, but you will need to take advantage of this before April 30, 2009!

We have trial access to 12,000 of SpringerLink's extensive collection of ebooks. These books cover subjects from ranging from the Humanities to Sciences. Please take some time to browse the books in your subject area to look for helpful resources for your research.

To access the database, go to this link.

Navigation help:

  • To browse a subject area, choose Subject Collections from the top of the screen.

  • The original search results include articles as well as ebooks. To see only books, choose Content Type of Books or Book Chapters on the list at the right side of screen.

  • After choosing a book, chapters appear as separate PDF files.

  • To search within the books, you can find more by choosing the Content Type of Book Chapters.

Please send us your feedback. Simply reply to this blog post to tell us what you think of the content. Would you like to see these books as a permanent part of our collection?

Thank you and best of luck in your research!


Jeff said...

I always seem to run into at least one paper that is "locked" away in the springerlink database when I am doing research. It is nice to see that we finally have access to this database. Once you search for something on their database, it is easy to narrow your choices after selected their organized subject categories for your search. I also really like how there are links in the works cited that shows where each reference is located. You may not find the majorirty of your references here, but it will contain a couple good ones.

Casey said...

It seems that there are a lot books on topics we simply don't collect in this e-book database. Case in point: there are several books on web development using Adobe CS3 and CS4. This is awesome because we can't afford to get new books for every software release, but this would be a great way to have some in our collection without purchasing the physical copy. I say "KEEP!!"

Alex said...

I love how it has full books online. It also has great articles from different journals.

Alex said...

I love how I can find large sections of books and whole journal articles on my subject.