Tuesday, November 3, 2009

We take your suggestions seriously!

Recently the library received a suggestion that we add vending machines for drinks and snacks in the library. Because JAVA CITY is in the library building, the library is limited to what kinds of vending machines can be added. We've been working on getting a vending machine for office supplies, but we can't add vending machines for food. However, we will be able to have a vending machine area that will provide food and drinks in the new information commons.

Another suggestion stated, "This is a very noisy library. People all around are having conversations." The writer also states that it's impossible to study here. Library policies recognize that students need to get together to work in groups, so the first floor is not expected to be quiet. However, the second floor is supposed to be an area for quiet study. If you are disturbed by groups or individuals working on the second floor, you can remind them that this is a quiet floor or you can let a member of the library staff know and he/she will ask the group to quiet down.

This year the library has been busier than ever and, while we're so happy that students are using our services and facilities, the overcrowded conditions have made it difficult to designate specific areas for quiet study. During exams, the library will look at designating some specific areas as "no talk" for those wishing to study without distractions.

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