Friday, January 21, 2011

Make Group Work Easier with New Technology

Kimbel Library recently purchased three media:scape group work stations. Through the integration of furniture and technology, media:scapes provide a space where students can access and share information equally, quickly and seamlessly. Up to six students can share information with their group by connecting their individual laptops to two flat panel LG monitors mounted above the work table. This is made possible by plugging your laptop into the Personal User Control Keys (PUCK). Once connected, the PUCK enables users to seamlessly switch the information displayed on a laptop the monitors. Use them for group papers, presentations, or anything that warrants collaboration among classmates. The media:scapes are located on the first floor of the library behind the journal/magazine reading area. If you have any questions about the new equipment, please do not hesitate to speak with someone at the information or circulation desks.

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