Monday, February 28, 2011

Get almost any book for free (kinda)

It is a small, underappreciated tab on the library website. It says “PASCAL” but most don’t know what it does. This little tab, however, allows you to get almost any book for free. Kinda.

The PASCAL tab is an all-access pass to millions of books!
PASCAL stands for the “Partnership Among South Carolina Academic Libraries.” The PASCAL Delivers service turns all academic libraries in South Carolina into your personal library. Does Kimbel Library not have the book you’re looking for? No problem! Just click on that tab labeled PASCAL on the library homepage and type in your search terms to see if another library has it. It they do, simply click on the “Request this item” link on the book’s information page to order it. Follow the directions to submit your request.

So, why can you only “kinda” get almost any book?
  1. You don’t get it instantly. It takes several days from the time you order to receive the book. Once we receive it, however, we will email you (check your CCU email account). Come by Kimbel Library and pick it up any time after.
  2. You have to give it back eventually. It is like checking out any other book; it has a due date. Sorry, no finders, keepers.
Having trouble using the PASCAL Delivers service? Contact the reference desk 843-349-2414, and we’ll help you!

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