Wednesday, June 29, 2011

EBSCOhost Databases: Browser Compatibility Issues

EBSCOhost databases seem to be having some issues with the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox. If you attempt to search an EBSCOhost database with one of these browsers you may encounter errors that will prevent you from browsing search results, viewing related images, or linking out to full-text holdings.

EBSCOhost has been made aware of the problem and they are actively working to correct it. In the meantime, Kimbel Library recommends using either Internet Explorer or Opera for browsing and conducting research in EBSCOhost databases.

For a full list of affected EBSCOhost databases, click here.


cnfergus said...
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cnfergus said...

Looks like support for Chrome is coming Fall 2011 ... Opera is still a good alternative if you prefer the Mozilla based browsers.