Monday, April 13, 2009

Research Question of the Day - MONDAY

Both of our winners (first entry and randomly drawn entry) have been notified by email that they have won Monday's contest. If you didn't win this time, keep trying! Tuesday's question has just been posted!
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2 Winners per day: First person to answer and 1 randomly drawn winner
This is your chance to learn about the library! If you're not sure what to do, please ask for help!!
Today's challenge:
  1. Find the database called ARTstor. (Hint: Indexes and databases are found on the Library's web page under "Indexes and Online Resources")
  2. Find a painting by Edgar Degas.
  3. Tell us the title of the painting that you have found.

How to submit your answer:

  1. Submit a comment in response to this blog post.
  2. With your response, include your name, phone number and email address. (Don't worry, your response is private and will not appear on the blog!)
  3. We will let you know the following day whether you were the first response winner or the randomly chosen winner!

Keep watching the bl0g througout the week for more research questions. There will be a new one Tuesday through Friday by 9:00 am!

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