Thursday, April 30, 2009

Your Suggestions Matter!

Recently there were several suggestions placed in the box located near the reference desk. I review the suggestions and will be commenting on actions the library is taking or why we can't implement your suggestions at this time.

The first suggestion is to get a better food place--Java City is owned by ARAMARK, who provides food services across campus. This past year ARAMARK has been conducting studies of its food services and will be making some changes based on their findings.

Suggestion 2 is to enforce silence on the second floor--if you are studying on the second floor and it becomes too noisy, please let a member of the library staff know. We will remind others that the second floor is a quiet area. You may also try out one of the study rooms and the larger presentation rooms to study quietly. The library is very overcrowded and it's difficult to maintain areas of quiet, but if you let us know, the staff will do their best to address the situation.

Suggestion 3--to convert the roof to a glass-enclosed atrium/student lounge. Because of building codes and regulations, this is not possible, but when the learning commons is built, it will include areas that are designed with comfortable seating. One really nice area will be the second floor "bridge" between the new learning commons and the current building. This area will be glass-enclosed and have sofas and chairs.

Suggestion 4--to get Netbooks instead of laptops. Netbooks would be cheaper, $300 versus $1200. The ITS Department makes recommendations for computer purchases based on several factors, including price, dependability, stability of the company, battery life, etc. I know they did look at NetBooks last year and may re-visit this at some time in the future.

Suggestion 5--better lighting around the entry points of the library. Last year the university did install some additional lighting around the building. Since the library will be open 24 hours starting next fall, we'll look at this again to make sure that the entrance to the building is safe and well-lit.

Thanks to all for your suggestions and please keep them coming. Your comments help us to know what things the library can do to make this a better place.

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