Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Global Information at your Fingertips!

Are you working on a project where you need to learn facts about a particular country? Are you just interested in learning some facts, statistics, trivia, etc. about other nations other than or in addition to the United States?

Kimbel Library has a variety of databases that are excellent resources for this type of information. These are available on our list of indexes and online resources, or you can click below to check them out!

COUNTRY WATCH - Under "Country Reviews", you can find demographic, political, economic, business, cultural and environmental information for all countries. The "Country Wire" gives the latest news headlines related to a selected country. "Country Data" provides a variety of data including health, education, environmental, industry, etc. for countries. It allows you to export the selected data directly to an Excel spreadsheet or Word Document. "CountryWatch Maps" allows you to generate political or statistical maps. These are only a few of the options available, so take the time to browse this database for some valuable information!

CQ GLOBAL RESEARCHER - This database provides a variety of reports on world issues. It is searchable by keyword, but also can be browsed by topics, dates, issues, or countries. If you have a particular topic or country that you are interested in, you can set up an account with email alerts that will let you know when new information is available.

CQ POLITICAL REFERENCE SUITE'S POLITICAL HANDBOOK OF THE WORLD - This database provides political information about each country, including information about the legislature, cabinet, and various "quick facts".

GLOBAL ROAD WARRIOR - This database also provides a variety of facts about each country. Some topic areas include climate, society & culture, travel essentials, health & medical, business services. The database also provides various resources to assist with communication in international travel. These resource include assistance with mobile phones, electricity, and Internet access.

Enjoy these databases, and remember to check with a Librarian if you have a particular interest and would like assistance finding your best resources.

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