Monday, October 20, 2008

Writing about Literature? Try Literature Resources from Gale

If you are working on a paper for an English class, you might be interested in Kimbel Library's newest literature database, Literature Resources from Gale. This database allows you to search several different literature databases published by Gale simultaneously. These databases include Literature Resource Center, the Scribner Writer Series, and LitFinder. Literature Resource Center contains full-text literary criticism and author biographies from both books and journals. The Scribner Writer Series contains full-text author biographies from American Writers, British Writers, and other encyclopedias published by Scribner. LitFinder is a bit different: it provides full-text access to "more than 135,000 full-text poems, stories, plays and more". So if you are looking for literary criticism, biographical information about authors, or a copy of a short story or poem by your favorite writer, Literature Resources from Gale might be a great place to start.

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