Tuesday, April 14, 2009

TUESDAY Question of the day

Keep trying! There will be a question each day through Friday!
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2 Winners per day: First person to answer and 1 randomly drawn winner.

This is your chance to learn about the library! If you're not sure what to do, please ask for help!!

Today's challenge:
  1. Find the database called Birds of North America. (Hint: Indexes and databases are found on the Library's web page under "Indexes and Online Resources")
  2. Find a species of quail.
  3. Tell us the name of that quail and a distinguishing characteristic.

How to submit your answer:
  1. Submit a comment in response to this blog post.
  2. With your response, include your name, phone number and email address. (Don't worry, your response is private and will not appear on the blog!)
  3. We will let you know the following day whether you were the first response winner or the randomly chosen winner!

Keep watching the blog throughout the week for more research questions. There will be a new one Wednesday through Friday by 9:00 am!


Todd said...

Not really related to this post, but the Journal Finder URL points to the old URL at UNCG. It should be journalfinder.wtcox.com/ccu. We had to change our URLs on about 40 webpages, and I'm sure there are a few pages I forgot to update!

I love your blog! We will be finally starting our own blog next week.

Todd Rix
Coker College

Lisa said...

Thanks for catching that, Todd! It is fixed now! -Lisa