Friday, September 25, 2009

Off-Campus Database Access Problems

We've currently been experiencing some problems with access to library databases from off-campus. You may have gotten a "502 proxy error" message, or you might just not have been able to access the databases at all.

LexisNexis Academic is unavailable from off-campus until these problems are resolved, but if you are having trouble with any of the other databases, try this:

1. Clear the cookies from your internet browser.
2. Clear the "temporary internet files" from your internet browser.
3. Close your browser and re-open it.
4. Login to MyLibrary and try it again.

Clearing the cookies and temporary files should allow you to access databases from off-campus again, but if you're still having trouble or have questions, please call 349-2414 for more help.

We're working as fast as we can to get these problems solved a.s.a.p.!

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