Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kimbel Library is now open 24/5!

The Kimbel Library is now open 24/5! We open Sunday at 11:00am and close Friday at 9:00pm and are open Saturday 1:00pm-6:00pm.
Here’s the breakdown of when Kimbel Library is open in hours, minutes and seconds:
96 Hours
5,769 Minutes
345,600 Seconds

21 Hours
1,260 Minutes
75,600 Seconds

5 Hours
300 Minutes
18,000 Seconds

13 Hours
780 Minutes
46,800 Seconds

That’s a weekly total of:
135 Hours
8,100 Minutes
486,000 Seconds

Kimbel Library has a vast amount of resources available to help you in your studies and research. We welcome and encourage you to come in and see everything the library has to offer. In addition, the building is set-up for group study on the first floor and individual, silent study on the second floor.
So please come in and study even if it’s just for a few of the 8,100 minutes we are open every week!

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