Monday, September 19, 2011

Part 2 of the Digital Archive "Slavery and Anti-Slavery" now available

In 2010, the library acquired Part 1 of  the digital archive Slavery and Anti-Slavery: A Transnational Archive.  Charles Joyner and Vernon Burton are editors of the series; Dr. Joyner spoke about the value of this archive when it was presented to the campus community at the library last October.  The Archive is a four-part series, with each part scheduled for annual release. Part 1 was released last summer.

We now have access to Part 2: Slave Trade in the Atlantic World

Part 2 covers involvement of countries on both sides of the Atlantic in the slave trade, with primary documents from 1702. The collection focuses primarily on the roles of the US, UK and France, but includes documents from Haiti, Jamaica,  Denmark, Portugal,  Brazil, and Senegal as well. Key content  includes missionary records, European business records, Royal African Company records, Supreme Court records and newly digitized university collections.

Researchers can limit their search to specific types of content, like correspondence, images, court testimony, maps, personal accounts, sermons, editorials and newspaper articles, as well as by language, publication date and geographic subject. Documents are included in the library’s catalog; Part 1 has over 6000 documents and records for Part 2 will be loaded soon.
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